Established since 1947, ESS is a company dedicated to engineering services, mould production, precision mechanics and plastic injection for a wide range of industries.

ESS counts with highly qualified and experienced professionals, which, together with a continuous investment in new technologies and innovation, makes our products and services the choice of a wide range of customers, from SMEs to Multinationals, with exports oriented to the European, Latin America and Africa markets.

Having the sustainable value creation as its vision, the board of ESS assumed as strategic orientation the leadership to promote a transition towards Circular Economy and Sustainability, where Innovation plays a key role.


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ESS is company certified by the standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

At ESS we have a strong commitment with the quality of the products and services we offer to our customers. In order to reinforce that commitment and to assure our clients, ESS invested in the quality certification by the ISO 9001 standard, since 2001.  


Sustainability is one of the main values that ESS stands for. Because of that, we seek to adopt the best environmental practices, though minimizing our negative impact in our surroundings. Since 2014, we are environmentally certified by the ISO 14001 standard.


Consult Environment Policy Statement's Ernesto São Simão Lda.


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With the support of EEAGRANTS the ERGOMARINE project was born, with the company Ernesto São Simão Lda as a promoter.

We are committed to studying and optimizing the ergonomic aspects of oyster and shellfish aquaculture throughout its value chain, in dialogue with producers and the scientific community. We aim to increase the efficiency and quality of production, as well as to promote greater knowledge and interest in Aquaculture, an essential and sustainable source of proteins, as recommended by FAO, on a planet where food resources run low.



We only survive if we follow the evolution

     by Ernesto São Simão


Sustainable Value Creation for our customers and community


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