The Oikum cup, a product developed by the company Ernesto São Simão Lda., Is the first product in a range for the HORECA market, which is distinguished by its vision of sustainability and durability. Being one of the first plastic products in Portugal to be certified by the international standard Cradle-to-Cradle, the OIKUM range stands out for the following characteristics:
• Unbreakable - being especially suitable for use in outdoor spaces;
• Biomaterial - produced in PETg, a biomaterial, composed of material from sugar cane;
• Reusable - this product has been designed for several reuse cycles, being suitable for machine washing. It is also suitable for use in microwaves;
• Recyclable - at the end of the product's life, it is able to be recycled in conventional systems;
• Transparent - an alternative in transparent plastic, which remains throughout its useful life (after several washes);
• BPA free - the Oikum cup is certified to be free from Bisphenol A, ensuring the safety of those who use it;
• Competitive Cost - the Oikum cup was developed with the logic of being a competitive alternative to glass and other plastic alternatives.

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